Ben Davis is an editor and cultural consultant based in Tokyo. With a background in engineering and sustainability, he relocated to Japan in 2010 in pursuit of hands-on experiences. After living and working with rural farmers, he spent time immersing himself in local communities, reigniting his desire to shape the spaces and places in which we live, work and play. Personal experiences and a passion for working in the field continue to influence his approach to consulting. Local engagement also plays a key role in his work, whether it be developing boutique publications and sense of place reports or reimagining the future of home technology. Providing Japanese clients with fresh perspectives and advising international clients on the subtleties of Japanese society and culture, he has worked on projects for Dentsu Inc, All Nippon Airways, Isetan Mitsukoshi, InterContinental Hotels Group and The Future Laboratory. He is the former editor of online magazine The Thousands Tokyo and has profiled people, places and trends for publications including Monocle, LS:N Global and Bloomberg.

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