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The White Paper is a platform for the work and research of Ben Davis.

With a background in engineering and sustainability, Ben spent time in rural Japan before settling in Tokyo in 2010. His experiences living and working with farmers renewed his interest in the connection between people and place, which became a key theme for his work as editor of The Thousands Tokyo. The online magazine’s focus on local perspectives inspired him to explore different ways of viewing the city. 

His subsequent editorial projects include venturing into the homes of creative residents for R-Store and creating a boutique guide for Tokyobike, inspired by travelling through the city on a bicycle. He has also profiled people, places and trends for publications including Monocle, LS:N Global and Bloomberg.

Ben’s insights work covers sectors ranging from travel to retail, technology to wellness, providing Japanese clients with fresh perspectives and advising international clients on the subtleties of society and culture in Japan. He has reported on emerging trends and industries of the future, interviewed thought leaders and, more recently, investigated sense of place in areas ranging from inner-city neighbourhoods to resort towns.


All Nippon Airways, Arts Initiative Tokyo, Bloomberg, Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Cinra, Dentsu Inc., The Future Laboratory, Ginza Six, Goldwin, IDEO, InterContinental Hotels Group, Isetan Mitsukoshi, The Japan Foundation, Kajima Corporation, Karimoku, LS:N Global, Monocle, Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu), Protein, R Store, Right Angle Studio, Seiko, Tokyobike, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Union, Winkreative



Portrait by Ko Tsuchiya (Tokyo, 2018)

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