Yaeca Home Store

The challenge of seeking out a hard to find destination becomes all the more enticing when you allow yourself the freedom to get lost along the way. As an unmarked house in a residential neighbourhood, Yaeca Home Store is almost unrecognisable until the moment you step inside the front door to be greeted by freshly brewed tea and the scent of baked goods.

As the newest of Yaeca’s three stores, Home Store mixes retail and residence; taking a decidedly domestic approach to capturing the lifestyle that surrounds the brand’s carefully constructed, everyday wear. Situated on a quiet street corner in Shirokane, the spacious two-storey house was reworked over the space of a few months, with many of Yaeca’s staff joining the team of workers as they removed ceilings and demolished walls to create a series of airy, interconnected spaces.

Paired with a small private garden, the light-filled living room hosts a selection of artwork and modern furniture, with a particular emphasis on pieces from the 1950s by French designers including Pierre Guariche, Marcel Gascoin and René Herbst. The striking and often one-off works come together in a sparse arrangement that not only gives the house an air of livability, but allows your mind to wander as you imagine incorporating them into your own home. The adjacent space hosts an eclectic mix of jewellery and paraphernalia foraged from oceans, rivers and mountains afar; whilst you can expect to encounter batches of baked goods emerging from the kitchen, along with a dinner table’s worth of take home treats, from pork and radish curry to gourmet honey and seasonal juices. Finally, in the bedroom upstairs you’ll discover racks lined with the brand’s “logically simple” clothing – designs brought to life through the most refined of details and made from quality fabrics here in Japan.

Over and above the intriguing curation and the chance to peruse Yaeca’s ever-impressive creations, it’s the constantly evolving nature of Home Store that adds a touch of anticipation to each and every visit. Whether it’s finding a curious new sculpture on the living room wall or simply appreciating a spring bloom take over the garden beds, there’s a simple pleasure to be found in watching the store grow with time – like the home of a good friend.

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