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Ginza Six

Writer, 2017

The concept of scale plays an important role in how we experience places, especially in a city as vast and multi-layered as Tokyo. Located in the heart of the city, the Ginza Six shopping complex spans two city blocks and brings together high-end shopping and world-class culture. Providing an intimate view of such a significant development formed a key element of the boutique guide produced by creative agency Winkreative. As writer, I compiled introductions to a selection of retailers, products and services for a well-traveled, international audience.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to author guides at regional, city and neighbourhood levels. Applying the same human perspective that connected these guides, my writings honed in on exploring the many facets of Ginza Six. Inside the complex, art can be found in various forms, from traditional theatre to large-scale installations, while Japanese craftsmanship plays a leading role in retail spaces for luxury maisons and local brands alike. The depth of this offering elevates Ginza Six from just another shopping complex to a modern-day reinterpretation of Tokyo’s most historic commercial district. 

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