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The White Paper is
a platform for the work
of Tokyo-based editor
and researcher Ben Davis.

From designing inner-city neighbourhoods to immersing himself in rural communities, Ben’s real-world experiences inspire his approach to shaping the places in which we live, work and play.

Ben entered the editorial world with the launch of an online magazine about local culture in Tokyo and has developed boutique guides, lifestyle columns and content for a range of brands.

In addition to writing extensively about regional culture, communities and sustainability, his insights work includes trend reports, design research and investigations into sense of place throughout Japan. 



Tools of enduring value

Several years ago I began cycling regularly throughout east Tokyo, mapping neighbourhood outposts for what would become a guide to the city on two wheels. Cycling connects you to the rhythms of the city and I became drawn to the way that manufacturing, from workshops to small-scale factories, was part of daily life.

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