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Karimoku New Standard

Writer, 2018

Founded by Karimoku, one of Japan’s leading furniture makers, Karimoku New Standard (KNS) brings together the unique perspectives of Karimoku’s craftsmen and a select group of international designers. As KNS approached its 10th anniversary, I was commissioned to compose a brand story to mark the milestone and connect the brand’s past, present and future.

My first encounter with KNS was at the home of the brand’s creative director, David Glaettli. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Tokyo, the apartment left a lasting impression for the way the brand’s furniture combined with assorted interior items, sourced from Japan and abroad, to create contemporary living spaces. Further investigation revealed equally impressive outcomes in spaces as varied as traditional Japanese townhouses and tiled Milanese courtyards. These spaces highlighted a key element of the brand’s DNA: the belief that true standards should not only be universal, but exemplary in nature. This bold idea inspired the development of the brand story, which has been incorporated into the brand’s new website, catalogues and other printed matter.

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