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Keys to the City

Columnist, 2016-2017

The real estate website R-Store offers a selection of distinctive properties in Tokyo and its surrounding areas. In 2016 I began working with the company to develop online content that would complement their property listings by sharing various perspectives on the art of living in Tokyo.

Taking the form of a monthly column, Keys to the City ventured into the homes of designers, collectors and creative professionals to explore the relationship between people, space and place. The columns revealed homes shaped by the city’s unique environment and their residents’ ingenuity and passion, which extended from antiques to furniture design, cocktails to collections of found objects.

The column highlighted the joys, challenges and realities of residing in Tokyo, providing a refreshing contrast to the sparse imagery and aspirational descriptions that remain commonplace in real estate marketing.

Genta Narita takes a somewhat unorthodox approach to organising his living spaces. Softly spoken and with an acute eye for detail, the bar manager draws inspiration from bars and shops, resulting in an eclectic apartment where he can relax and unwind.

David Glaetti is a designer whose work is woven into his daily life. Surrounded by the furniture he’s created and the curious items he’s collected, our discussion began with the connection between furniture and space.

Matsuki Narishige and Yumiko Kikuchi are a couple whose creativity seems to touch each and every facet of their colourful apartment. Artworks are brought to life in their living room, where an abundance of books, found objects and other paraphernalia line the shelves.

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