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The Thousands Tokyo

Editor, 2013-2015

The Thousands was launched in 2005 to provide a snapshot of sub-cultural Melbourne by uncovering the best food, drink, shops and events that the city has to offer. The online publication later expanded throughout Australia, evolving into a collection of city guides with a simple philosophy: Things locals love.

As editor of The Thousands Tokyo, the publication’s first international edition, I was presented with the unique challenge of developing a publication that stayed true to the spirit of The Thousands while providing a local voice that resonated with both the city’s residents and travellers alike. This resulted in a hands-on approach to sourcing information; traversing neighbourhoods on foot in pursuit of tips, leads and recommendations from the locals. Each new encounter led to a handful more, and with each interview the publication revealed a different facet of local culture hidden within the city’s myriad layers.

More than 100 places to eat, drink, shop and relax were complemented by local-led features and photo diaries by artists and creators, providing varying perspectives on daily life and sharing small discoveries from the world’s biggest city. At the core of the guide were memorable destinations with specialised offerings and a strong sense of place, ranging from old-school coffee shops to subtropical record shops and bustling craft markets.

One Day in Tokyo. Take a journey across Tokyo and back again, visiting some of the local places and people – from craftsmen to bakers and a nomadic artist – that are part of The Thousands community.

Joy Ride: Yanaka Bike Guide. Discover the mix of history, culture and gourmet delights of one of Tokyo’s most bike-friendly destinations.

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