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Voices of Hokkaido

Editor, 2016

As Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido is home to vast and varied terrain. Broad mountains give way to deep blue caldera lakes; winter storms bring waves of powder snow to the ski slopes. Nature’s finest produce fills heart hot pots to the brim, while friendly faces await guests in scenic onsen towns. These are the memorable encounters and experiences that visitors to Hokkaido continue to treasure and share on social media.

Developments in big data analysis have created new opportunities in the travel industry, from highlighting emerging trends to revealing insights into leading destinations. Building upon an extensive analysis conducted by Social Insight Lab, the cooperative organisation founded by NTT Data and Dentsu, Voices of Hokkaido presents an insight into tourism in Japan’s northernmost prefecture.

As editor for the publication, my work focused on translating key findings into tangible metrics to inform industry professionals and decision makers. This process also informed our team’s approach to building upon the hard data to produce multi-day plans, inspiring visuals and other content aimed at prospective travellers.

The publication explored the boundaries between big data and real world experiences, online and offline; moving beyond the numbers to paint a picture of the culinary, cultural and natural charms of Hokkaido.

Art Director & Designer: Junya Maejima
Photographer: Koichi Doyo

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